Forbes “30 Under 30”

3 Straubel Fellows Named Forbes “30 Under 30”

Join us in celebrating Kelsey Skaggs, Rebecca Hui, and Daniela Fernandez

As we invest in the potential of extraordinary individuals, we are continuously awestruck by the accomplishments and impact of our Straubel Foundation fellows. This year, 3 of our fellows are honored in Forbes 30 Under 30, an annual list acknowledging the trailblazing work of exceptional entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Rebecca Hui was one of our very first fellows in 2017, while Kelsey Skaggs and Daniela Fernandez joined the cohort last year. They are tackling sustainability challenges in creative new ways, and we are thrilled to support them along their journey. Executive Director, Boryana Straubel, celebrates the accomplishments of these inspiring women by stating, “These women are generational trailblazers. It is our honor to support them in fulfilling their mission and permanently changing the way our world operates.”


Kelsey Skaggs was selected as a 30 Under 30 in Law and Policy for her work with the Climate Defense Project (CDP), protecting environmental activists and pursuing climate litigation. CDP is employing the climate necessity defense in court cases across the nation and demonstrating the need for change in our legal system. Read our latest post Putting Climate Change on Trial to read more about Kelsey’s work highlighted in new film Necessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance.


Rebecca Hui was selected as a 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur for her work with Roots Studio, enabling indigenous artists to continue their work and life through sustainable income. Roots Studio digitizes art from rural communities into an online library for licensing, returning 500% more profits to the artists than status quo. They have digitized thousands of designs and have partnered with companies like H&M, prAna, and Tommy Bahama.


Daniela Fernandez was selected as a 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur for her work with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), creating solutions to the ocean’s largest threats through the Ocean Leadership Program and Ocean Solutions Accelerator. SOA has built the world’s largest network of impact-driven young ocean leaders and is supporting over 1,000 ocean impact projects globally.