Leadership Awards

The 2019 award applications cycle is now closed.

Engineer of the Future

for individuals

This award supports high-achieving individuals in their pursuit of education. The award will not distract. Instead, it assists such students, especially those facing hardship—financial, family or other—that pressures them to de-prioritize school. We are eager to recognize and reward resilient spirits now. We firmly believe that if you keep powering through, your focus and investment in your education will help you in the long term. Trust us, we have been there. :)


Straubel Impact Leader

for individuals and/or entrepreneurs

This award recognizes and supports an individual in creating lasting change, in a chosen target domain or community. Solving a complex engineering or social problem is difficult but potentially impactful, requiring both an entrepreneurial spirit and an aptitude for leadership. Explain how your project or venture will provide a sustainable solution to a challenging problem. If possible, demonstrate your creative use of technology or engineering principles.

Award amounts depend on multiple factors. Please share as much information as you find comfortable so we can get to know you and make good decisions when assigning the 2019 award amounts. If you have any questions please email us at info@straubelfoundation.org.