Straubel Foundation Invests in Roots Studio

We are proud to announce our inaugural investment into Roots Studio, a startup forging technology-enabled dialogue between distant cultures and markets, effectively designing a richer de-centralized society.

Pictures Credit: Taylor Weidman

Pictures Credit: Taylor Weidman

We are proud to announce our inaugural investment in Roots Studio, a startup that forges technology-enabled dialogue between distant cultures and markets. Through a uniquely designed, decentralized economic model, Roots Studio enables village prosperity. It connects the original work of remote cultural artists to a $240B global market.    

Rebecca Hui, CEO of Roots Studio, has the rare ability to solve difficult problems through application of simple, cost-effective, and scalable technological solutions.

With rising income pressure and variable climates affecting crop yields and livelihoods, the world is experiencing historical exoduses from rural villages to urban centers. The deprioritization of these villagers’ crafts, honed for generations, also means the disappearance of vibrant culture and deep heritage. Hui has created a growing platform that uses digitization to bring traditional designs from the world’s most remote communities to new markets.     


The Straubel Foundation finds Roots Studio a bright example of the regenerative power that technology can have on our society and environment, without disrupting local contexts.  Roots Studio's business concept stands for urban decongestion and the furtherment of societal and environmental sustainability through building local economies. It is a brilliantly creative application of technology that enables people to elevate themselves from poverty while celebrating their unique skills. Rebecca Hui has a proven track record of success and we look forward to contributing to her mission.

Roots Studio has been featured or affiliated with TechCrunch, StartX, Echoing Green, MIT Delta V, MIT Legatum Center, MIT D-Lab, MIT Global IDEAS Competition, MIT 100K / Creative Arts Competition, The Girlboss Foundation and The Unreasonable Institute.