Human Potential & Top Performance


We have had the honor of studying human top performance, in both the for-profit and non-profit realms. We believe in the power of people and are inspired by human potential. We are deeply fascinated by leadership.

The Straubel Foundation is invariably looking for people with potential. Our purpose is to be a positive catalyst in their lives, increasing their ability to do more than they could ever imagine.  

We help grow emerging leaders by supporting their work so that they may learn and shine. We stay by their side to coach. We partner with our rising stars and help them identify their “super powers.” We assist in architecting or discovering a focused professional path that can unleash and maximize the impact of their personal talents. We also support our rising stars by introducing them to key people in their field.

We are inspired by the Overview Effect and, through our actions, illustrate to our rising stars that we all participate in an interconnected system we can shape.

We are proud of being a positive influence in the life of the future leaders of this world.