Our Learning Partnership with Echoing Green

Through our social impact investments, Straubel Foundation nurtures the young leaders who inspire us, and empowers their ventures to take flight.

Our Learning Partnership with Echoing Green is a critical part of this effort. Echoing Green has spent three decades supporting visionaries around the world who are transforming their communities.  Its staff have fashioned rigorous processes, honed dialogues and mastered tools to identify tomorrow’s transformational leaders. Its bright portfolio of more than 700 innovators speaks for itself: Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, Public Allies, among hundreds of diverse ventures.

The Straubel Foundation is  honored to take part in the Echoing Green Fellows selection process. Straubel Foundation Executive Director Boryana Dineva will serve as a judge for Echoing Green’s 2018  finalists round in New York. Boryana will be contributing her own expertise in identifying talent, honed over her career at Tesla and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Because so many mentors have contributed to Boryana and JB’s trajectories, they strive to do the same through the Straubel Foundation: be there for the next generation of young leaders with big ideas.



Sustainability Through Science & Engineering 

We are ready to support the technology of the future. Often, a great idea has difficulty finding support because it is ahead of its time. It might be too risky, not profitable enough, not trendy, or simply unanticipated by all local policies. Working on such concepts is a true investment in the future -- it is imperative to keep that work going. If your idea could benefit our society, we should do our best to make it happen. Please do share!

Sustainability Through Social Innovation

Real, sustainable, and long-lasting transformation means changing our everyday behavior. Such change is hard. Many forces pull people towards the most profitable ideas, not the best ideas. We strongly believe that education and information sharing can lead people toward better choices. Sometimes, the best way to deliver information is through actions. Simple but thoughtful projects can help guide society toward effectual choices. The Straubel Foundation strives to identify ideas and projects that will positively impact tomorrow and invest in them today.

pilot Projects

Small initiatives can have big impact. Sometimes you need to test an idea on a small scale to see if it sticks. Or, you just need to plant a seed and let it sprout. In either case, let the world be your Petri dish. We award scholarships and grants to help support such initiatives. E-mail us to find out when we are collecting applications or apply directly.  

Big ideas

Please e-mail us a succinct summary of your idea. Make sure to include: 

You: Tell us about yourself. Your CV may suffice but feel free to share any other cool or pertinent information that your CV doesn't reflect.

The Idea: Tell us what your idea is. Share why it is important to work on this.

The Team: Let us know who you are working with (you may or may not have a team yet.)