Sustainability Through Science & Engineering 

We are ready to support the technology of the future. Often, a great idea has difficulty finding support because it is ahead of its time. It might be too risky, not profitable enough, not trendy, or simply unanticipated by all local policies. Working on such concepts is a true investment in the future -- it is imperative to keep that work going. If your idea could benefit our society, we should do our best to make it happen. Please do share!

Sustainability Through Social Innovation

Real, sustainable, and long-lasting transformation means changing our everyday behavior. Such change is hard. Many forces pull people towards the most profitable ideas, not the best ideas. We strongly believe that education and information sharing can lead people toward better choices. Sometimes, the best way to deliver information is through actions. Simple but thoughtful projects can help guide society toward effectual choices. The Straubel Foundation strives to identify ideas and projects that will positively impact tomorrow and invest in them today.