Leadership Awards

The 2018 award applications cycle is currently closed.

The submission deadline for all applications is August 1st, 2018. 

Engineer of the Future

The goal of this award is not to distract but to support the focus of an individual on his or her studies. When going through financial, family, or other personal hardship, it is easy for a student to de-prioritize school. We are eager to recognize and reward your resilient spirit now. We firmly believe that if you keep powering through, your investment in your education will help you in the long term. Trust us, we have been there. :)


Straubel Rising Leader

The goal of this project is to enable an individual to create lasting change in a target community of his or her choosing and interest. Leading a social change project can be absolutely empowering. The challenge is to 1) quantify the intended impact and 2) ensure that the impact is lasting, that it changes people’s behavior enduringly.



Straubel Impact Leader

The goal of this award is to support an individual or group to do something that will help our environment or raise awareness of an important subject. Organize a science march, organize a beach clean up, plant a Victory garden, build a neighborhood cooperative chicken coop, plant a few trees, you name it. The award will sponsor your initiative with funds that could be used for the group doing the work to purchase materials, food, beverages, t-shirts, and whatever else is needed to make it rock!

Award amounts depend on multiple factors. Please share as much information as you feel comfortable so we can get to know you and make good decisions when assigning the 2018 award amounts. If you have any questions please email us at info@straubelfoundation.org.